2014-2105 ESA Committee Members

Former English Student Association (ESA) Committee Members (2014-2015)

See Descriptions of Committee Roles and Statements from current/former committee members here.

ESA Co-chairs
Facilitate discussion among members; act liaisons between the student body and the Executive Officer; organize ESA meetings; serve on the Executive Committee ex officio.
Paul Hebert
Jason Nielsen

Admissions and Financial Aid
Meredith Benjamin
Benjamin Miller
Melina Moore
Kristen Moriah
Frances Tran

Maintain alumni contact info; organize career panels, readings, and other social and scholarly events; create a yearly alumni newsletter with department updates and alumni publications.
Elizabeth Goetz
Erin Spampinato

Organize and run ESA conference; distribute a CFP; screen submissions; advertise conference; direct participants and volunteers on the day of the event. 
Iemanja Brown
Karen Lepri
Talia Shalev
Wendy Tronud

Course Assessment
Oversee the dissemination, collection, and tallying of course evaluations.
Jennifer Alberghini
Robert Greco
Mikey Rumore
Maria Stracke
Elly Weybright

Regularly review the program’s requirements and make recommendations.
Elizabeth Lenn Decker
Wendy Tronud

Attend to matters of diversity within the Program.
Rasheed Hinds
Sean Kennedy
Mekeba Lavan
Velina Manolova
Danica Savonick
Simone White

Conduct the election of student committee members and ESA Co-chairs; Responsible for including any valid proposed amendments to the ESA by-laws on the ballot.
Alyssa Mackenzie
Alec Magnet

This committee is the chief governing body of the English Program. It meets about twice a month.
Joseph Bowling
Becky Fullan
Amanda Licastro
Yair Solan

Faculty Membership
Consider changes in the doctoral faculty membership; publicize searches for new members; make recommendations to the Executive Committee.
Chris Eng
Andrew Lucchesi

Friday Forum Committee
Evaluate the Friday Forum Proposals each semester.
Hilarie Ashton
Erin Spampinato

Participate in yearly phonathon; Maintain list of possible donors; make proposals for better student/donor relations.
Hilarie Ashton
Sean Gerrity
Nate Mickelson

Job Professionalization
Evaluate the ESA and English Program job professionalization efforts.
Elissa Myers
Esther Bernstein
Michael Druffel
Christina Katopodis
Erin Spampinato
Maria Strake

Work with the Placement Officer and other faculty members to coordinate job placement efforts.
Roya Biggie
Laura Eldridge
Megan Paslawski
Melissa Phruksachart

Recruit potential new students before and during the Open House for admitted students; coordinate the Mentor/Mentee program; coordinate with the Website Committee on materials for the Prospective Students.
Jamie Shearn Coan
Robert Greco
Kaitlin Modello
Mikaylah Zagoria-Moffett

Maintain the ESA site; update, expand, and organize the website as needed. 
Dale Ireland
Sarah Ruth Jacobs
Trace Peterson
Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

English Program DSC Representatives
*DSC reps are not elected by the ESA
Hilarie Ashton
Balthazar Becker
Charlotte Thurston

At-Large DSC Representatives who are ESA members
*DSC reps are not elected by the ESA
Tonya Foster
Amelia Greene

Graduate Council
*Grad Council members are elected for 2 year terms
Elizabeth Goetz
Dadland Maye