Below is a list of resources for students. The ESA Editorial Committee is responsible for reviewing these resources, updating them and over-seeing the creation of new resources. If you have a question about any of these resources, please contact the members of the committee, listed on the Governance & Committees page.


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Student Groups at the GC

Examination Guides
Check the English Program website for technical details about the exams. Below are student-created guides to help you through the process. Note: Sample material is password-protected. Log into your ESA Commons account for access.

Comprehending the Comprehensives

NOTE: This guide is for the previous comprehensive exam format. This guide will be updated by the Editorial Committee to reflect the new portfolio format.

Organizing the Orals

Sample Orals Lists and Prospectus

Sample Dissertation Abstracts and Research Descriptions


Teaching Resources

Teaching & Learning Center Guides

Teaching about Ferguson, Race, and Police Brutality

Suggestions for resources to use in CUNY classrooms to teach about events in Ferguson, MO, compiled by ESA member Liz Goetz.

ESL / TESOL Bibliography & Resources

Teaching Statement Samples


Grants & Fellowships: a collected list

Student Evaluations of past English PhD courses at the Grad Center