Woods, Livia



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Dissertation: Heavy Expectations: Reading Pregnancy in the Victorian Novel

Supervisor: T.Schaffer

Readers: A.Humpherys, C.Reitz



Journal Issue

Special issue of Nineteenth Century Gender Studies on “Relations.” Forthcoming, Winter 2015. (Edited and introduced with Julia Fuller and Meechal Hoffman, CUNY Graduate Center)

Works in Progress

“We Are (Not) to Think of Their Expectations”: Pregnancy in Jane Austen.” Article for Nineteenth Century Literature

“Tweeting to Transgress?: Investigating the (Digital) #Canon in the Classroom.” Article for special issue of Nineteenth Century Gender Studies on “Teaching Nineteenth- Century Literature and Gender in the Twenty-First Century Classroom,” (Summer 2016). Eds. Lara Karpenko, Carroll University and Lauri Dietz, De Paul University.

“Relations: Critical Methodology and Teaching Practice.” Blog post for V21: Victorian Studies for the 21st Century

Peer-edited Articles 

“Not-So-Great Expectations: Pregnancy and Syphilis in Sarah Grand’s The Heavenly Twins.” Dr. Carrie Johnston and M. Kari Nixon, eds. Nobody’s Disease. Forthcoming.

“Now You See It: Concealing and Revealing Pregnant Bodies in Wuthering Heights and The Clever Woman of the Family.” Victorian Network 6.1 (Summer 2015).

“’What are they to do with their lives?’: Anglican Sisterhoods and Useful Angels in Three  Novels by Charlotte Mary Yonge.” Nineteenth-Century Contexts 37.2 (Spring 2015).