McMahon, Jennifer M.



Institutional Affiliations: , ,

Educational/professional/personal background prior to attending CUNY Graduate Center:  BA from Lafayette College; MA from Boston University; paralegal for various law firms; clerk / book repair at the Gotham Book Mart

MA institution/year (if applicable):  Boston University (1994)

Dissertation defense year: 2000

Dissertation topic/title:  The American Colonization of the Philippines and the Self-Examination, Self-Presentation and Re-Presentation of American Identity

Was the diss published as articles/book?  As a book in 2011:  Dead Stars:  American and Philippine Literary Perspectives on the American Colonization of the Philippines (Winner of the 2011 National Book Award in Literary Criticism in the Philippines).



University of Hong Kong, Department of English

            Honorary Assistant Visiting Professor

Sept 11 – May 14
Hunter College, Department of English, New York, New York

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Aug 04 – Dec 08

Aug 02 – May 03;

Hunter College, Department of English,New York, New York

Visiting Assistant Professor

Aug 03 – May 04
University of Hong KongSchool of Professional and Continuing Education, Hong Kong, Lecturer Oct 00 – May 01;

Oct 97 – Dec 97

University of Hong Kong, Department of English, Hong Kong

Creative Administrator, Moving Poetry Project

Dec 00 – May 01
University of Hong Kong, Department of English, Hong Kong


Sep 96 – Jan 98
Lehman College, Department of English, Bronx, New York

Adjunct Lecturer

Sep 94 – Dec 95




Dead Stars:  American and Philippine Literary Perspectives on the American Colonization of the Philippines.  Manila:  University of the Philippines P, 2011.



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