Gale, Erin Nicholson




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My doctorate in English Literature from the City University of New York’s Graduate Center was conferred on May 27, 2015. My dissertation “Street Theater: Gender, Performance, and the Urban from Plessy (1896) to Brown (1954)” explores the relationship of the built environment of New York City to the ordinary performances marginalized women stage upon it in novels. I earned my M.A. in Humanities/English Literature from the University of Chicago in 2007 and my B.A. in Spanish Language and English Literature from the University of Virginia in 2002. I teach a range of courses including surveys of American Literature, Literature and Place, and College Composition I and II in the English Department at Queens College, where I also serve as the Associate Director of the Freshman Year Initiative. My areas of expertise and interest include: 19th and 20th century American literature, drama and performance, race, gender and sexuality, ethnic American literature, and African American literature.