Campanioni, Chris



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My main research focus is Literature of the Americas and Postcolonialism, with an emphasis on Turn-of-the-century and Postwar Cultural Studies, engaging in research related to fragmentation and a culture of commodities, and tracing the literature of the Americas from Modernism to the Latin American Boom. I often introduce pop culture into a discussion previously thought to be distinctly highbrow, endeavoring to connect seemingly divergent threads into one dialogue, so that we might re-contextualize and re-evaluate an old subject and provide new perspectives, opening the door to other audiences. I’m currently engaged in writing and research related to the use of wordplay, re-arrangements, and re-iterations in North American and Latin American literature, and I hope to ultimately connect these threads with larger cultural concerns related to death, and the commodification of death, how it has shaped our language and affected our discourse on cultural norms and practices today.