Minutes 2-10


Susan Kalaz and Jason Nielsen will be replacing Liz Goetz and Dadland Maye as Grad Council reps, serving for a two year term. Thanks for the elections committee for helping us find reps! We recommend that next Spring (2018), the ESA elections committee incorporate the vote for this two year position into the Spring elections, so as to avoid having to hold an impromptu election and so that we are not left without reps in the Fall.

Shoumik Bhattacharya has been elected to join Jason Nielsen and Rebecca Fullan as DSC program rep for the Spring.

The idea for a 2 PM Friday forum on the syllabus requirement for the new comps exam has been tabled, because Nancy advised that we need another event on teaching, and it probably would confuse students because the program also has its usual event about the comps.

-Discussion of teaching in general, how we could help students be more prepared when they start teaching

-Catherine and Elissa had an idea to create a teaching mentorship program that would function similarly to the new student mentor program. We are now getting together a Google form to sign up mentors and mentees.

Elections Committee Report:

Letting people only nominate for 2 committees; we are doing that for this election.

Faculty Membership:

Amy Wan and Carmen Kynard up for appointment, doing campus talks.

Ongoing search for Modernism: Jean Mills, Mary McGlen

Discussion & Vote:

Kaitlin Mondello has requested money for the Sound Conference and Karen Lepri has requested money for Critical Race & Pedagogy workshops.

Here’s more about the Sound Conference: https://soundconference2017.wordpress.com/

Here’s more about the pedagogy workshops: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k3tUxiaeaqYgOkpOFdMi8yCyJdFCtPvptF2JWIiQFS4/edit

While we are not yet sure what our budget allocation is for this semester, we can assume that, if it is like last semester and if we spend less money on revels, we will have $600. We propose to vote to give $500 to sound conference and $100 to the Critical Race workshops.