Agenda 12/8


Introductions and Committee Reports

We’re looking for more volunteers to a. Bring food (dessert, pita chips, soda) and b. help us set up/clean up during revels tomorrow afternoon.

Our plan to procure alcohol has failed. There will be some booze at revels. 3 leftover cases of beer from last year and 3 which we purchased ($115) before knowing we have no way of getting reimbursed. We will solicit money from people at the party with the hopes of being paid back, but are hesitant to spend any more money, not knowing how much we will make back.  So we encourage all to bring a bottle of wine and/or to donate some cash to Catherine and Elissa!


We will vote via a google form on how to spend the budget surplus that we will have because we cannot spend money ($500) on alcohol. There will be two options:

  1. We donate to a good cause in the wake of this election, dividing the surplus evenly between the three charities listed below, all which were approved or suggested in the Nov conversation about this. (Make the Road, Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ACLU)
  2. We spend the money on travel grants to be distributed to students on a first come first served basis. If we want to do this, do we give out 8 grants of $50 or 4 grants of $100, or some other amount?

PP: …



To do:

Decorate the lounge for the party! Put up lights!