Students & Alumni: Update Your ESA Profile Today!



We are aiming to clean up the Students & Alumni section of the website so that our profiles may be linked to the English program’s main website. 

Easy access to student profiles on the main website, we believe, will have multiple significant benefits:

  1. It is a useful recruitment tool for both prospective and admitted students. Access to these profiles will provide them with insight into the intellectual life of the students in our program. Currently, the English program’s website offers only a minimal sense of the kind of amazing work we are pursuing. We hope that this will, in part, fix that.
  2. Inclusion of the profiles on the main website will provide us an opportunity to formalize our online academic identity in concrete relation to the program.
  3. Active use of the profiles among students will help us to better connect with other English program students and alumni who work at the same institutions, as well as with others who share similar research interests.

To edit your profile, please view the instructions available here, and let either Jacob or Filipa, or our website committee (Jojo or Param), know if you have a question or problem.

We ask that you update your profile by the end of the year. Blank profiles, profiles without images, and profiles that have clearly NOT been updated will be removed in the coming months.