Welcome New Students!

Dear Cohort 2018!

The English Student Association is excited to have you — no action necessary, YOU are already a member! You’ve already been through orientation (phew!), and we know it was a lot. And classes are starting (exciting!), and you’re getting settled (we get special access to the NYPL through MaRLI, what???).

The website committee would just like to acquaint you with a few things on the CUNY Academic Commons. We’d love to get you set up with your own profile on our website

See this NIFTY GUIDE for setting up your profile!


We’d also like to let you know that there’s more available to you. The Commons (where you are viewing this site) hosts hundreds of GC websites and offers great ways to connect (without ads and data tracking). As a GC student, you have the freedom to create your own websites on the Commons! Digital resources here are for everyone, and for the digitally shy, the GC Digital Initiatives has many resources to help. To get updates about free evening workshops and meetups, sign up to the GCDI Commons Group (joining the group means getting the emails). Groups help you stay on top of the many things going on. You may want to peruse other groups like the Renaissance Studies group or the Twentieth Century Area Studies group.

So follow the ESA on Twitter (@CUNYEnglish)and Instagram (@esa_gc), and join the Facebook Group — to each her own platform.

And get involved! CUNY can be tricky to navigate, but the community is here and willing to help.

Stay tuned for more info!