Congratulations to the new PhDs!

Congratulations to all the English Program students who successfully defended their dissertation this year, 2015-2016!

Baaki, Brian: A Dark Record: Criminal Discourse and the African American Literary Project, 1721-1864

Balkan, Stacey: Rogues in the Postcolony: The New Picaresque and the Making of Modern India

Barile, Susan: Brought Up For Each Other: The Letters of Edith Wharton to Bernard Berenson

Becker, Balthazar: Cosmopolitan Corporealities: Extraordinary Bodies and the Politics of Remembering Mid- Twentieth Century Egyptian Pluralism

Brickley, Briana: “Follow the Bodies”: (Re)Materializing Difference in the Era of Neoliberal Multiculturalism

Broder, Hillel: Wandering Bodies and Minds: A Narrative Theory of Cognition

Collins, Paul: Imaginary Subjects: Fiction-Writing Instruction in America, 1826 – 1897

Cranstoun, Annie: Ceasing to Run Underground: 20th-Century Women Writers and Hydro-Logical Thought

Cusick, Colleen: Playing with Matches: Matchmaking as Authorship in the Nineteenth-Century Marriage Plot

Davis, Sarah: Their Strategies for Survival Became Our Maneuvers for Power”: Narrative Flight as Heterotopia

Dunn, Melissa: Transparent Interiors: Detective and Mystery Fiction in the Age of Photography

Eng, Christopher: Dislocating Camps: On State Power, Queer Aesthetics, and Asian/Americanist Critique

Fortin, Simon: Dying to Learn, Learning to Die: The Craft of Dying in Early Modern English Drama and the Cultivation of Dying-Voice-Literacy

Galvan, Margaret: Archiving the ’80s: Feminism, Queer Theory, & Visual Culture

Gamso, Nicholas: Windows on the World: The Aesthetics of Difference in Neoliberal New York

Gillespie, Janne: A Man to Preserve or Reform the Nation: Masculinity as Political Rhetoric in English Novels during the Revolution Controversy

Hoch, Nancy: On the Threshold: Breadwinning, Capitalism, and the Absent/Present Father in the Works of Three Late 20th-Century U.S. Novelists

Kadish, Philip: Fictions of Whiteness: Transatlantic Race Science, Gender, Nationalism, and the Construction of Race in Nineteenth Century American Fiction (1823-67)

Kaufman, Erica: Imagining a “Poethical” Classroom

Kijowski, Jenny: Speaking through the Wound: Bearing Witness through Gendered Bodies in Trauma Narratives of War

Lavender-Smith, Jordan: The New Reflexivity: Puzzle Films, Found Footage, and Cinematic Narration in the Digital Age

Licastro, Amanda: Excavating ePortfolios: What Student-Driven Data Reveals about Multimodal Composition and Instruction

Mickelson, Jeffery Nathan: City Poems and Urban Crisis, 1945 – Present

Miller, Benjamin: The Making of Knowledge-Makers inComposition: A Distant Reading of Dissertations

Miyajima, Keiko: Theater Matters: Female Theatricality in Nineteenth-Century Novels

Paparella, Donna: Knowing Children/Children Knowing: Nineteenth-Century British Child Law and Literature

Phruksachart, Melissa: Cherry Blossoms in Bryant Park: Mediating Asiatic Racialization on Cold War Television, 1957-1964

Rowney, Matthew: Reframing Romantic Nature: Towards a Social Ecocriticism

Tran, Frances: Animate Impossibilities: on Asian Americanist Critique, Racialization, and the Humanities

White, Simone: Descent: American Individualism, American Blackness and the Trouble With Invention

Woods, Livia: Heavy Expectations: Reading Pregnancy in the Victorian Novel