5/9/2016 ESA Meeting Agenda

May 9, 2016, 5:00pm
Room 5409

 Meeting Agenda

Committee Reports

1.    Elections Committee: feedback regarding electoral processes & ideas for the future.

  1. Open Exec Meeting & Revels (Friday May 13)
    a.    Volunteers!
    b.    At the open Executive Committee Meeting (12:00pm), the students who received Provost and English Program Dissertation Year Fellowships and Dissertation Prizes will be announced.  Please join us in celebrating your fellow students!
  2. Outgoing-incoming committee meetings: incoming ESA committee members will be announced shortly. Reminder to all current/outgoing committee members to meet with the incoming members of your committee, and to discuss your committee narratives & recommendations with them.
  3. Student-led workshop feedback: report on & feedback from Jason Nielsen’s workshop “Conference Organizing – A Roundtable Discussion and Information Session”; take-away ideas for future students workshops and resources.

Discussion & Vote:
Diversity Committee meeting updates & ESA vote

The DSC provides money for student use every semester, and (per DSC bylaws) the program DSC reps are responsible for overseeing use of that allocation. The English program students have historically depended on ESA meetings and votes to determine how that money will be spent. Discussion: Is there an alternative system possible where the DSC reps are more involved in decision-making and in managing the budget for the English program students?