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ESA Conference Chair & Topic

Margaret Galvan
Tracy Riley
“Spanking and Poetry”: A Conference on Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

Eve lovingly, if none too gently, slapped open the sphincter-tight boundary rings of critical scholarship on the sexual and affective relations between bodies. This conference invites continued play with the tools she created for examination of “all the different surfaces that make a self for most of us, printed pages, ‘our’ ideas, institutional relations and activism, vibrations of a voice, the gaping abstractions and distractions of creativity, the weird holographic projections of our names and public personae, the visible and impressible extent of the parts of our bodies” (Tendencies 104-05). We welcome paper proposals on any aspect or application of her critical, literary, and artistic work, inviting scholars to broadly consider and reconsider Sedgwick’s intersections with and influences upon their fields. In the spirit of her own perversion of academic style, we particularly encourage proposals that expand the boundaries of the conventional conference paper through experimental or creative critical methods.

Some suggested topics to explore include:
Axiomatic Difference
Body Studies
Cognitive Diversity
Coming Out
Dalai Lama
Epistemology Outside the Closet
Experimental Critical Writing
Fags and Hags
Fat Studies
The Gothic
Geometries of Desire
Hermeneutics of Suspicion
Historical Search for a Great Paradigm Shift
How to bring your kids up gay
L. Austin
Knowledge and Ignorance
Marcel Proust
Melanie Klein
Michel Foucault
Mortality/AIDS/Breast Cancer
Non-Freudian psychoanalysis (Tomkins/Klein)
Other “closets,” other “epistemologies”
Poetry and Poetics
Queer Theory
Reader Relations
Relationship with “Real America”
René Girard
Sentimentality and Ressentiment
Speech Acts
Sylvan Tomkins
Taking One to Know One
Therapeutic/Rebellious/Reparative Readings
Tibetan Buddhism
Victorian Writing
War against Western Civilization
Zen Buddhism