5/8/2015 ESA meeting agenda and minutes

Meeting Agenda

12:00pm – 1:00pm
Room: 3309

Open Meeting/Announcements (12:00-12:10pm)

  1. Approve minutes from previous meeting.
  2. Revels this evening after Open Executive Meeting
  3. Poetry Reading will take place early at Revels (5:30 or so) to allow students to go see Alison Bechdel’s talk.
  4. Please attend Open Executive meeting and ask any questions about program governance; this is the one meeting a semester in which all members of the Executive Committee are directly accountable to students

Committee Reports (12:10-12:30pm)

The by-laws require committees to make year-end reports of what has been done, what needs to be done, and what discussions will continue to the next year. These reports will be published in the minutes and, among other things, are explicitly for the benefit of students new to committees in the Fall.

Other Business (12:30-1:00pm)

  1. Discuss ESA by-laws proposal: Questions? Concerns? Comments? (10 min)
  2. Vote to appoint an ESA librarian (5 min)
    The partitioned “room” in the back of the lounge will be designated an ESA area for student study, collaboration, socializing, etc. The free bookshelves in this area will be designated the ESA bookshelf and will function as both a take-a-book-leave-a-book space and and a home for student, faculty, and alumni publications. The ESA or the Program is free to purchase books for this shelf for students to use when working in the lounge. An elected ESA librarian will be responsible for maintaining the shelves including cataloging the books, making purchasing recommendations and purging when necessary. 
  3. Vote to add the the by-laws an ESA Editorial Committee of up to (six) 6 students to review student-created guides, make suggestions for updates, and over-see the drafting, review, and publication of revised or new student guides. The election will be held in Fall 2015. (5 min)
  4. Announce election results (10min)