Congratulations to the new PhDs!

Congratulations to all the English Program students who successfully defended their dissertation this year!

Bogacka, Magdalena. Wars We Have Seen: From Domestic to International 1930s Struggle Documentaries
Advisor: J.Marcus

Burger, Pamela. The Sadistic Reader: Gender and the Pleasures of Violence in the Novel
Advisor: W.Koestenbaum

Campbell, Ethan. The Gawain-Poet and the Textual Environment of 14th-Century English Anticlericalism
Advisor: S. Kruger

Dicus, Andrew. Traumatic Familiarity: Fictions and Theories of Community in the Eighteenth Century
Advisor: N. Yousef

Donlon, Anne. Archives of Transnational Modernism: Tracing Networks of Writing and Activism, 1919-1945
Advisor: J. Marcus

Durgin, Allen. Depressives and the Scenes of Queer Writing
R. Reid-Pharr

Efthymiou, Andrea. Voices from on High: Rhetorical Education in a Jewish Women’s Writing Center
Advisor: J. Yood

Foster, Christopher Ian. From Négritude to Migritude: African Literary Internationalism and the Phenomenology of Movement
Advisor: R. Reid-Pharr

Foster, Jean Ashley. Modernism’s Impossible Witness: Peace Testimonies from the Modernist Wars
Advisor: J. Marcus

Gabbard, Cori. Modernist Medievalisms and Medieval Modernisms: Auðr the Deep-Minded and Derdriu in Norse, Old Irish, Modernist Irish and Post-1945 Scottish Literature
Advisor: S. Kruger

Gale, Erin Nicholson. New York City Street Theater: Gender, Performance and the Urban from Plessy to Brown
Advisor: R. Reid-Pharr

Heim, Stefania. Dark Matter: Susan Howe, Muriel Rukeyser, and the Scholar’s Art.
Advisor: J. Richardson

Henry, Casey. Both Into and Out of the Cage: New Media, Transgression, and the Remaking of American Literary Connection, 1975-1999
Advisor: W. Koestenbaum

Kennamer, Taylor. Standard Deviations: Genre and the Cartographical Imagination in Popular British Literature, 1830-1880
Advisor: T.Shaffer

Klein, Allison. The Ties that Bind: Gender, Race and Empire in Caribbean Indenture Narratives
Adivsor: A. Dawson

Leary, Christopher. Occupy Wall Street’s Challenge to an American Public Transcript
Advisor: I. Shor

Mascarenhas, Kiran. Works in Progress: Representations of Children in Indian fiction, 1813-2006
Advisor: A. Dawson

Mercurio, Gregory. Proust’s Medusa: Ovid, Evolution, and Modernist Metamorphosis.
Advisor: J. Wilner

Murphy, Sarah Outterson. Playing Dead: Staging Corpses, Ghosts, and Statues in Early Modern Drama.
Advisor: T. Pollard

O’Donoghue, Kathryn. Loosening the Critical Corset: Reconsidering the Sentimental Tradition in the Works of Kate Chopin and Ruth McEnery Stuart
Advisor: M.Dickstein

Powell, Alison. Play Anxiety and Ethical Sensibility in the Romantic Poets
Advisor: N. Yousef

Ridinger-Dotterman, Angela. The American Aspasia:  The Woman Lecturer in American Women’s Rights Fiction, 1839-1915
Advisor: D. Reynolds

Rutkowski, Sara. The Literary Legacy of the Federal Writers’ Project
Advisor: M. Dickstein

Sherwood, Emily. Precarious Wife: Narratives of Marital Instability in Medieval and Early Modern Literature
Advisor: M. DiGangi

Striker, Tristan. Errant Memory in African American Literature of the Long 19th Century
Advisor: R. Reid-Pharr

Walker, Leila. Touching Time: Forms of Romantic Temporality
Advisor: N. Yousef

Wallace, Laura. Dramatic Form and Embodiment: Robert Browning and the Epistemology of Romantic Drama
Advisor: F.Bonaparte