MLA 2015, Vancouver, BC

Below is a list of GC English Program students, faculty, and alumni, as well as other scholars from across CUNY, who attended the 2015 MLA Conference (and MLA Subconference) in Vancouver. If you were at MLA and wish to add yourself to the list, please be in contact with current ESA co-chair Jason Nielsen (jason.r.nielsen at gmail dot com). 

A GC English student, alumni, and faculty get together is happening on Saturday, Jan. 10th, 5pm-8pm. Please contact Andrew Lucchesi (a.j.lucchesi at gmail dot com) for information or to rsvp (rsvp not required).

GC ENGLISH FACULTY (with other affiliations listed)

Mary Ann Caws, 482

Kandice Chuh, 559

Cathy Davidson, 516

Peter Hitchcock (Baruch), 188, 700

Richard Kaye (Hunter), 770

Steven Kruger (Queens) , 774

Feisal Mohamed, 615

Joan Richardson, 628, 765

Karl Steel (Brooklyn), 454

Jessica Yood (Lehman), 60


Stacey Balkan, 19

Sue E. Barker, 277

Roya Biggie, 302

Chris Eng, Delegate Assembly

Cori L. Gabbard

Erin Nicholson Gale, 306

Margaret Galvan, 261

Sean Kennedy, MLA Subconference

Alison Klein, 15

Amanda Licastro, 176

Andrew Lucchesi, 592

Velina Manolova, 301

Nate Mickelson, 268, 424

Benjamin Miller

Megan Paslawski, 268

Yair Solan, 168

Tristan Striker

Livia Woods

ALUMNI (with current affiliation)

Michelle Ann Abate (Ohio State Univ.), 76

Sari Altschuler (Univ. of South Florida), 182

David Bahr (BMCC), 257

Todd Barosky (Saint Martin’s Univ.), 732

Balaka Basu (Univ. of North Carolina), 606

Louis Bury (Hostos CC), 610

Charles Carroll (Simon Fraser Univ.; Farleigh Dickinson Univ.)

Kristen Case (Univ. of Maine), 43, 614

Samuel Cohen (Univ. of Missouri), 627, 769

Stacey Donohue (Central Oregon Community College), 257, 553, Job Information Center (Friday and Saturday), 4 Preconvention Workshop for Job Seekers in English (in place of Sandra Sellers Hanson)

Ira Dworkin (Texas A&M Univ.), 239 – session cancelled

Kevin Ferguson (Queens), 149

Nathalie Fouyer (Graduate Center), 371

Laurel Harris (Rider Univ.), 361

Rachel Ihara (Kingsborough CC), 592

Lauren Klein (Georgia Institute of Technology), 671

David Letzler (Queens), 464

Stacie McCormick (Texas Christian Univ.), 116

Jane Mushabac (City Tech), 38

Seamus O’Malley (Yeshiva Univ.)

Diana Hope Polley (Southern New Hampshire Univ.), 505

Molly Pulda (Univ. of Southern California), 385

Rebekah Sheldon (Indiana Univ.), 637, 759

Mark Sussman (Hunter)

Karen Weingarten (Queens), 295

OTHER SCHOLARS ACROSS CUNY (with current affiliation)

Katie Albany (City Tech), 474

Esther Allen (Baruch), 355

Fabio Battista (Graduate Center), 706

Jana O’Keefe Bazzoni (Baruch), 119

Matt Brim (College of Staten Island), 301

Rachel Corkle (BMCC), 59

Tracy Daraviras (Guttman CC), 160

Robin Davis (John Jay), 420

Frederick L. De Naples (Bronx CC), 160, 553

Matthew Eatough (Baruch), 208

Isabel Estrada (City College), 456

Jennifer Furlong (Graduate Center), 2

Jeremy M. Glick (Hunter), 225

Sandra Sellers Hanson (LaGuardia CC), 4

Andras Kisery (City College), 213

Suha Kudsieh (College of Staten Island), 18, 120

Eero Laine (Graduate Center), 680

Yates McKee (Graduate Center), 121

Marcia Newfield (BMCC), 195

Susan G. O’Malley (Kingsborough CC), 6

Carina Pasquesi (Baruch), 105631

Stephanie Grace Petinos (Graduate Center), 573

Katrina Rogers (Graduate Center), 2

Barbara Simerka (Queens), 609

John David Staines (John Jay), 189

David Steiner (Hunter), 478

Stephen Tumino (Queensborough CC), 659

Laura Westengard (City Tech), 116

Ashley Williard (Graduate Center), 244

Franklin Winslow (Baruch), 719

Tanya K. Zhelezcheva (Queensborough CC), 304