Alumni Spotlight: Granville Ganter (Class of ’98)

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Why did you choose to attend the Graduate Center?

Stanley Aronowitz in sociology. I liked the urban orientation and cultural diversity, and was tired of “cow college” race posturing in an otherwise rather monological cultural vacuum. My cow college was good to me (University of Vermont), but, as a community, it didn’t talk very knowledgeably about race.

What memories stand out to you about your time in coursework?

Great classes, and an astonishing energy in the student body. Joe Wittreich, the new chair, created a very dynamic Friday Forum series that completely activated the program at every level.

What memories stand out to you about your exam/defense experiences (the comprehensive exam, oral exam, language exams, defense)?

Smart modifications to an older, very conservative MLA mindset.

What memories stand out to you about your time working on the dissertation?

Lotta adjuncting. Stalled, I took a fulltime job in construction and finished the dissertation in a year.

What skills/interests/relationships/et cetera have you taken away from your time at the Graduate Center?

Student centered program.

What unique opportunities did the Graduate Center/being in New York City for graduate school offer you?


Additional comments/memories/thoughts?

It was the best program in the world for me for its openness to interdisciplinary work and student activism. Thanks to Wittreich’s loose rein (and encouragement), the students ran the program.