2014 Dissertation Fellowships & Prizes

Lynn Kadison Dissertation Year Fellowships

Rewards excellent scholarship and dedicated service to the English Program

Melissa Phruksachart, “Cherry Blossoms in Bryant Park: Mediating Asiatic Racialization on Cold War Television”
Supervisor: Kandice Chuh

Velina Manolova, “Queer Interventions in Racial Liberalism in the Writings of Lillian Smith, Carson McCullers, James Baldwin, and Lorraine Hansberry, 1944-1970”
Supervisor: Robert Reid-Pharr

The Alumni and Faculty Dissertation Year Fellowships

Roya Biggie, “Feeling with Others: Ecologies of the Passions in Early Modern Tragedies” in memory of Frank Duba
Supervisor: Tanya Pollard

Erin Gale, “New York City Street Theater: Performance, Identity, and the Urban from Plessy to Brown”
Supervisor: Robert Reid-Pharr

The Millennium Dissertation Year Fellowship

Alison Klein, “The Ties that Bind: Gender, Race, and Empire in Caribbean Indenture Narratives”
Supervisor: Ashley Dawson

The Robert Adams Day Dissertation Year Fellowships

Shang-yu Sheng, “Writing for Strangers: Published Letters in England, 1660-1790”
Supervisor: Carrie Hintz

Nicholas Grant-Collins, “Useful Sophistries: Finance, Sentiment, and the Godwinian Novel in the Early Republic 1780-1811”
Supervisor: Duncan Faherty

The Calder Dissertation Year Fellowship

Matthew Knip, “Before Melville’s Masts: Sex in the Age of Sail”
Supervisor: Wayne Koestenbaum

The English Alumni Dissertation Year Fellowships

Kristin Moriah, “Dark Stars of the Evening: Performances of African American Citizenship and Identity in Germany, 1890-1930”
Supervisor: Robert Reid-Pharr

Megan Paslawski, “Beyond the Factories and Farms: Locating the Masses in 1930s America”
Supervisor: Ammiel Alcalay

 The Diana Colbert Award for Innovative Teaching

Sean Kennedy, English 111: English Composition I–“Stop-and-Frisk Desist” (Lehman, Fall 2013)

The Melvin Dixon Prize for the Best Dissertation in African American Studies

Archie Lavelle Porter, “The Over-Education of the Negro: Academic Novels, Higher Education and the Black Intellectual”
Supervisor: Robert Reid-Pharr

The Robert Adams Day Prize for the Best Dissertation Involving Interdisciplinary Work

Karinne Keithley Syers, “Committing to the Waves: Emerson’s Moving Assignments”
Supervisor: Joan Richardson

The Irving Howe Prize for the Best Dissertation Involving Politics and Literature

Mark Sussman, “Common Knowledge: The Epistemology of American Realism”
Supervisor: John Brenkman

The Alfred Kazin Prize for the Best Dissertation in American Literature and Culture

Dominique Zino, “Mind, Media, and Techniques of Remediation in America, 1850-1910”
Supervisor: Joan Richardson

The Calder Prize for Distinguished Work in Early Modern Studies

Linda Neiberg, “Exquisite Corpses: Fantasies of Necrophilia in Early Modern English Drama”
Supervisor: Mario DiGangi

The English Program Prize for Distinguished Work in Composition/Rhetoric

Nichole Stanford, “Good God but You Smart! A Study of Language Legitimacy (and Illegitimacy) in Cajun Louisiana”
Supervisor: Rebecca Mlynarczyk

The English Program Prize for Distinguished Work in Narrative Theory

David Letzler, “Reading Cruft: A Cognitive Approach to the Mega-Novel”
Supervisor: Gerhard Joseph

The Alumni and Doctoral Faculty Prize for the Most Distinguished Dissertations of the Year, given this year in memory of Frank Duba; and the Publication Subvention Award for Distinguished Dissertations

Fiona Lee, “Reading Nation in Translation:The Spectral Transnationality of the Malyasian Racial Imaginary”
Supervisor: Peter Hitchcock

Seth Stewart, “‘For the Voices’: The Selected Letters of John Wieners”
Supervisor: Ammiel Alcalay