Dimensions of Contemporary Social Change (10/3/12)

Dimensions of Contemporary Social Change

An Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference @ New York University

Presented by the

John W. Draper Interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Humanities and Social Thought

The Draper Student Organization is pleased to announce a call for papers for our next graduate conference, Dimensions of Contemporary Social Change. The conference will be held on Saturday, December 1st, 2012.

The contemporary world is nothing if not always changing. With technology accelerating communication, global trade, and travel, societies are changing ever more rapidly. With the unprecedented access to data provided us by digital communication technology, we can analyze these changes from a greater number of angles, drawing on the insights of multiple fields. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to understanding how events, major and minor, impact cultures and people is easier, and arguably more crucial than ever.

Dimensions to combine, compare, and contrast include, but are not limited to: political science and philosophy, economics, sociology, psychology, philosophy of science and technology, ecology, evolutionary biology, artistic and cultural studies, and media studies.

We invite papers and presentations by current graduate students from all disciplines. These may be theoretical, empirical, applied, or narrative (or a combination of the above). They may be global in scope or narrowly focused. We are interested in work that crosses traditional academic boundaries. We are also interested in work that considers new ways of expressing insight in a heavily mediated world where traditional forms of narrative and exposition are giving way to the new paradigms of digital mediation.

The conference will also feature work by selected contributors to the Fall 2012 issue of Anamesa, the Draper Program’s interdisciplinary journal.

Please submit a 300-350 word abstract for a 15-20 minute paper/presentation to dsonyu@gmail.com by October 3rd, 2012. We will notify accepted presenters by email no later than October 10th, 2012.