Admissions Information Session and Q&A

The following videos are from the 2013 English Program Admissions Information session, but the information provided by current students and the Q & A session that follows is still relevant for prospective students.

2013 Admissions Information Session

Workshop with Open Q & A from Prospective Students

It’s strongly recommended that you watch the entire video, but the links below can be used to skip to specific questions and answers. Clicking on a link below will open up the video on YouTube in a new window or tab.

What are the fellowship packages and what is the teaching load?

What is the suggested timeline from when you are first interested in applying to submission of the application?

What kind of preparation, with regard reading, should I have done to be successful in the CUNY English PhD program?

What is an ideal experience a student should have coming into the CUNY English PhD Program?

What is the transition like for M.A. students coming into the CUNY English PhD. program and how many credits are transferred from a M.A. program?

What is some general advice for the writing my statement of purpose?

What is some general advice for the writing sample?

Can your writing sample be an excerpt or shortened form of your thesis or a longer writing?

Are the GRE tests required even if you have an M.A. degree?

Do I need transcripts from every school or program I have been a part of prior to attending the CUNY English PhD program?

What should be included on the CV required for the application?

How interdisciplinary is the CUNY English PhD program?

How flexible is the program once I am taking courses? Can I have multiple areas of interests?

Is there a place for the study of 21st century literature? 

What is the Composition and Rhetoric program like?

Can I have a full time job while getting my PhD? What sort of time commitment is required?

How much of a social life can I have while being a CUNY English PhD student?

Is there a recommended plan of action between when you apply, are accepted and when you begin courses?

If I am reapplying, can I meet with the department to discuss how to make my application stronger?