Congratulations to English Program Prize Winners!!

Ph.D. Program in English Dissertation Year Fellowships and Prizes
Graduate Center CUNY
May 2016

Dissertation Year Fellowships 2016-2017

Lynn Kadison Dissertation Year Fellowship
[rewarding excellent scholarship and dedicated service to the English Program]
Meira Levinson

Alumni and Faculty Dissertation Year Fellowship given this year in memory of Frank Duba
Kaitlin Mondello
Posthuman Ecology: The Proto-Evolutionary Aesthetics of Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Emily Dickinson
Supervisor: Alexander Schlutz

Alumni and Faculty Dissertation Year Fellowship
Elizabeth Goetz
Household Scenes: Politicizing Intimate Spaces in the Poetics of LeRoi Jones, Hettie Jones, David Antin, Bernadette Mayer, and Alice Notley
Supervisor: Wayne Koestenbaum

The Millennium Dissertation Year Fellowship
Joseph Bowling
Albion’s Fables: Legendary History and Vernacular Literary Production in Renaissance England
Supervisor: Mario DiGangi

The Robert Adams Day Dissertation Year Fellowships

Alexander Baldassano
Bodies of Resistance: On (Not) Naming Gender in the Medieval West
Supervisor: Steven Kruger

Rebecca Fullan
Eating the Heart of Weetigo World: Decolonial Imaginaries in the Stories of Louise Erdrich and Tomson Highway
Supervisor: Kandice Chuh

The Calder Dissertation Year Fellowship

Marissa Brostoff
Metaphysical Youth: Generational Time, Countercultural Narratives, and the Idea of the 1960s
Supervisor: Nancy K. Miller

Morton Cohen Dissertation Year Travel Grant

Meira Levinson
Feminist Theology and the Fantastic in Jewish Poetics and Children’s Literature (1960s—current)
Supervisor: Carrie Hintz

Danica Savonick
The Dangers of Aesthetic Education: On Pedagogy, Praxis, and Social Justice
Supervisor: Kandice Chuh

English Program Teaching and Dissertation Prizes 2016

The Diana Colbert Award for Innovative Teaching
Miriam Atkin
course title: Advanced Poetry Writing
field: Politics and Literature

The Melvin Dixon Prize for the Best Dissertation in African American Studies
Brian Baaki
A Dark Record: Criminal Discourse and the African American Literary Project, 1721-1864
Supervisor: Robert Reid-Pharr

The Robert Adams Day Prize for the Best Dissertation Involving Interdisciplinary Work
Donna Paparella
Knowing Children/Children Knowing: Nineteenth-century British Child Law and Literature
Supervisor: Talia Schaffer

The Irving Howe Prize for the Best Dissertation Involving Politics and Literature
Briana Brickley
“Follow the Bodies”: (Re)materializing Difference in the Era of Neoliberal Multiculturalism
Supervisor: Kandice Chuh

The Alfred Kazin Prize for the Best Dissertation in American Literature and Culture
Nancy Hoch
On the Threshold: Breadwinning, Capitalism and the Absent/Present Father in the Works of Three Late 20th-century U.S. Novelists
Supervisor: Jon-Christian Suggs

The Monette Prize for the Best Dissertation in Lesbian/Gay Studies
Margaret Galvan
Archiving the ’80s: Feminism, Queer Theory, & Visual Culture
Supervisor: Nancy K. Miller

The Timothy Healy Prize for the Best Dissertation on Twentieth-Century Poetry and Poetics
Erica J. Kaufman
Imagining a Poethical Classroom
Supervisor: Wayne Koestenbaum

Jane Marcus Prize for the Best Dissertation in Modernism and Feminism
Annie M. Cranstoun
Ceasing to Run Underground: 20th-Century Women Writers and Hydrological Thought
Supervisor: Nancy K. Miller

The English Program Prize for Best Dissertations in Victorian Studies (co-winners)

Colleen Cusick
Playing with Matches: Matchmaking as Authorship in the Nineteenth-Century Marriage Plot
Supervisor: Talia Schaffer

Livia Arndal Woods
Heavy Expectations: Reading Pregnancy in the Victorian Novel
Supervisor: Talia Schaffer

The Calder Prize for Best Dissertation in the Digital Humanities
Amanda M. Licastro
Excavating ePortfolios: What Student-Driven Data Reveals about Multimodal Composition and Instruction
Supervisor: Matt Gold

The Calder Prize for Best Dissertation in Contemporary Literature
Hillel Broder
Wandering in Contemporary Literature: A Narrative Theory of Cognition
Supervisor: Peter Hitchcock

The Alumni and Doctoral Faculty Prize for the Most Distinguished Dissertation of the Year and Publication Subvention
Frances Tran
Animate Impossibilities: on Asian Americanist Critique, Racialization, and the Humanities
Supervisor: Kandice Chuh