Dissertation Fellowships & Prizes

The English Program offers several Dissertation Year Fellowships (DYF) and Dissertation Prizes each year. The deadlines for both are fast approaching.

English Program Dissertation Year Fellowships (DYF)

Due Wednesday, April 3. Students with approved prospectus are eligible to apply by completing an application and submitting it along with the 10 page prospectus and 1 page progress report via e-mail attachment (PDF preferred) to nsilverman@gc.cuny.edu. Students must also solicit one letter of support, usually from their Supervisor, also to be sent via e-mail attachment (PDF preferred) to nsilverman@gc.cuny.edu.  Applications are available in the English Program Office.
*If you do not yet have an approved prospectus but hope to be eligible to apply this year, you should submit the prospectus for approval no later than the week of March 4.*


English Program Dissertation Prizes

Due Wednesday, April 10.  Students who have defended their dissertations this academic year are eligible for Dissertation Prizes.  They are nominated by their Supervisor via  letter of nomination and seconded by a letter of support from a committee member (each sent via e-mail attachments, PDF preferred, to nsilverman@gc.cuny.edu) .  There is no application. If you are nominated you will be asked to submit a copy of your dissertation for consideration.  Do not submit a dissertation until it is requested by the Ms. Nancy Silverman.