Speaking Up: A Feminist Practice (Due: 12/15/12)



speaking up:

A feminist practice

February 16, 2013

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA

Organized by The Penn State Women’s Studies Graduate Organization

Speaking up is at the heart of feminist activism and scholarship. From its beginnings, feminism has been about speaking up about unequal power relations. Feminism has now transformed itself into a movement that encourages speaking up against marginalization, exclusion, and discrimination of any group or people. What does speaking up look like in theory and practice?

Come share your work about speaking up as a feminist scholar or activist, whether you are doing the speaking up or working with or studying the practice. We are particularly interested in current graduate student work, and also welcome undergraduates a! nd other scholars and practitioners. In addition to individual papers, we welcome collaborative work, performances, and alternative media presentations. (Please let us know as soon as possible about any necessary resources you may need.)

Sample paper topics
How has a person or group of people made themselves heard in the past?
What has been the role of law in encouraging speech and suppressing hate speech?
How has literature been used as a form of speaking up? How have fictional works subverted traditional ideas about who has a “voice”?

Please submit at 250 word abstract to WSGO.officers@gmail.com by midnight December 15, 2012. If you have questions regarding the conference, please contact WSGO.officers@gmail.com.

keynote speaker
Latoya Peterson
Peterson is a hip-hop feminist providint an anti-racist view on pop culture with a special focus on video games, anime, American comics, manga,
magazines, film, television, and music. Peterson regularly speaks on
topics of race, gender, and social media at conferences like Women,
Action and the Media (WAM!) and SXSW Interactive.