4/30/2010 ESA Meeting Minutes

  • We talked about the then-upcoming party for Steve Kruger’s end of term as EO. The ESA decided to donate its remaining $100 to a gift for Steve, which turned out to be a Book Culture gift certificate.
  • We talked about revels.
  • The Executive Committee reported. The big news, as it’s been all year, is the Middle States self-assessment. At the time of the meeting, accreditation hadn’t officially been granted, but we were assured that we would receive accreditation. The issue that was raised are those shadowy “University Center” organizations, like the CUNY Baccalaureate program, and the School for Professional Studies. Basically, they operate under the aegis of the Graduate Center, but there’s no accountability for them. But as far as the departments go, all is well.
  • The dorm, primarily for international students and visiting scholars, has been approved. It’s on 188th St.
  • We have 33 incoming students, and one who deferred admission.
  • We decided that it would be best to allow cochairs to be nominated either as pairs or individually, but on the ballot they must run as pairs.
  • We talked about the three amendments that were to be put on the ballot. All three measures subsequently passed. See below for full election results.
In attendance: Mia Chen, Ashley Foster, Carrie Shanafelt, Neil Meyer

Election Results 2010-2011 

ESA Co-Chairs

Jennifer Mitchell & Joost Burger

Admissions & Financial Aid

Angela Francis

Helena Ribeiro

Kiran Mascarhenas

Maggie Galvan

Alumni Committee

Jill Belli

Linda Neiberg

Course Assessment

Anne Donlan

Joost Burger

Robert Mochado

Tahneer Oksman


Ben Miller

Kate Broad


Ben Miller

Louis Bury


Emily Sherwood

Kate Broad

Mark Sussman

Mia Chen

Faculty Membership

Angela Francis

Mia Chen


Emily Stanback

Jesse Schwartz

John Harkey

Louis Bury


Dominique Zino

Mark Sussman

Nichole Stanford

Szidonia Haragos


Alison Klein

Amanda Springs

James Arnett

Molly Pulda

Zach Samalin


Jesse Merandy

ESA Conference

Food! The Conference!
Co-Chairs: Alec Magnet & Jennifer Little

Resolution One: Passed.

Be it resolved that, the Elections Committee shall retain a record of allelection results, including the number of votes received by each nominee. In the event of there being fewer than mandated members (due to resignation or vicissitudes), the nominee with the next highest number of votes shall fill the empty seat(s). If there are no other nominees on the ballot, and there are fewer than mandated members, the remaining committee members can appoint a replacement at their discretion until the next annual election. In the case of ESA CoChair and Conference CoChair, the remaining cochair can appoint a replacement at their discretion. If both CoChairs resign, department-wide byelections shall be held.

Resolution Two: Passed

Section 4.2, Number of Co-Chairs, shall be amended to have the maximum number of Co-Chairs to be two.

Resolution Three: Passed

Cochairs may be nominated singly or in pairs. On the election ballot, nominees will run in pairs. Those nominated singly may choose a running mate but must run in a pair if they accept the nomination.  This means that a student of the English Department will cast only one vote for the position of co-chair instead of two.