12/5/2003 ESA Meeting Minutes

English Student Association Meeting / Minutes for December 5, 2003

Present: Helen David, Sean Egan, Lise Esdaile, Lindsey Freer, Cori Gabbard, Rachel Ihara, Tyler Schmidt

  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Website Committee: Sean Egan will be sending out an e-mail requesting material to update the area group web pages.
    2. Fundraising: The phone-a-thon is currently in progress and more volunteers are needed! The Fundraising Committee hoped to get at least 25 people to participate, but so far that goal has not been met. Please try to stop by Wednesday or Thursday between 5:30 and 8:30- even if you can only make it for an hour or half an hour. There are instructions available so that you know what to say on the phone and you get free food too! If you are interested please contact Joe Wittreich at jwittreich@gc.cuny.edu or Larry Cowen at lcowen@gc.cuny.edu
    3. Course Evaluations: Helen Davis reported that course evaluations are being distributed and collected. Next semester the committee is going to request that student complete a form via e~mail as opposed to filling out a form in class. The completed evaluations will still be included in the black binder in the English Lounge.
    4. Bylaws Amendment Proposals: Those in attendance voted to place the following two amendments to the Bylaws on the next election ballot. lf the proposals pass they will go into effect the following academic year. Two votes were received by proxy.
      1. Proposal to select a conference topic and chair or co-chairs during the spring election. To be added to Section 6.2 of the Bylaws- Selecting a Topic and Chair (or Co-Chairs).
      2. Cut: The selection of a conference topic and chair shall take place at ESA meetings according to the procedure for taking action at meetings (section 3.7)
      3. Add: The conference topic and chair will be voted on during the spring elections. The conference chair or co-chairs will appear on the ballot along with their proposed conference topic.
      4. Proposal to limit the number of nominations to ESA committees. To be inserted into section 5.4 of the By-Laws.
      5. Add: Students will be notified if they are nominated and may accept up to two nominations for committee or co-chair positions.
  2. Revels (December 19th 6:00 pm)
    1. Location: We are going to have the revels in the Graduate Student Lounge, Room 5409-5414.
    2. Food and Drink: nearly $200 has already been spent on alcohol and approximately $580 in DSC funds is available for this semester. Sean Egan and Cori Gabbard are both making inquiries about catering companies.
    3. Music: Although people expressed interest in rening a Karaoke machine this idea didn’t generate much enthusiasim at the meeting. Lise is currently looking into a DJ.